ARCO' 04
The Immaterial Museum

Developed for the MEIAC by the theorist and art critic Antonio Cerveira Pinto, the concept of Wi-Fi Museum is apparently very simple: it involves the connection of an organic (biocomputational) system and its development as a system of information, communication and interactive creation, based on an advanced plan of technological interoperability, backed by network protocols and broadband wireless security (Wi-Fi + Hot Spots + web + UMTS).

In the case of the MEIAC, the implementation of a multifunctional wireless network required by a virtual museum is considered as a necessity derived from the complex -----frame, and is conceived as a proper strategic option to adapt the historical model of the museum to the museum experiences that the 21st century is already asking for. In the near future, that process of change will have to go hand in hand with an architectonical reform of MEIAC’s gardens in order to attain its utmost integration within the city and invite a broader audience to enjoy the ample space surrounding them.

The theoretical plans for the “immaterial” expansion of the museological concept and for the imagination of a future reform of the outdoor area of the MEIAC were presented, in the ARCO exhibition, in a rectangular stand. In the centre of it there was a bank/desk called “fuentes para el diálogo” (source for dialogue ), designed by Portuguese artist Carlos Sant’Ana. Thought of as a hypothetical outdoor architecture, it had to suggest a space designed for cohabitation, rest and reflection.

The ideological enunciations of this proposal were shown on a wall at the back, whereas in its surroundings there was an exhibition of a series of artists whose works are related to the hypotheses of the museums of the future. For example, the electronic formalisations by André Sier, the mobile phone screen designs created by Antonio Carvalho and Christian Montenegro, the biological work by Marta Menezes done with the DNA of butterflies, or the cartography of Iberoamerican electronic art proposed by the Uruguayan Brian Mackern, with his Netart Latino Database.



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